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Exciting One in 21

As things are starting to open back up for spring / summer of 2021, the Rhythm Pilots can’t be any more excited as they are now to get back out there, show their talents and entertain the masses. This comes on heals of the Governor Cuomo mentioning larger weddings and possibly venues in the near future. The virus took a toll not only on people we know, ourselves and fellow musicians. We all want the music and entertainment back as soon as possible, but we want it back safely. The Rhythm Pilots Duo consisting of The keyboard player ( Patrick & Antoinette ) have several dates in the book for the upcoming season. They want the full band to join them and hopefully they will soon. One of the possible dates is at JJ Rafferty’s where the possibilities of the full band hinges on the success of the vaccines and whether or not the numbers reduce enough for the opening of the full stage. If Covid still has a hold on the area by the time of the gig at JJ’s then it will be the Duo act performing there. Overall, the excitement is building for the upcoming season as more dates are being book for the full band as well as corporate events and weddings.

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