“THE RHYTHM PILOTS" are in compliance with local rules of " The New York State Liquor Authority" & " New York State Deptartment of Health"


” The Rhythm Pilots ” provides incidental music at local clubs restaurants, bars and events.  At this time we encourage those patrons and / or customers who wants to see “live entertainment ” such as ” The Rhythm Pilots” to see the venues capacity limits as well as time limits to their establishments on social media, website or other means of advertising they are using to get their message out.  We support socially distancing themselves to others, the wearing of masks, when entering and existing from tables, 10-12 feet from the stage area, no dancing as well as following the rules of that club/ restaurant/ bar or event. We encourage a balance between the limit of occupancy of the establishment and helping them make a profitable evening from promoting live entertainment by The Rhythm Pilots. We understand at this time, these establishments who use social media and other methods to advertise “Live Entertainment” cannot advertise because of the increased risk from a larger group of patrons or customers who may attend an event including ” Live Entertainment “. When we are asked to play at an establishment, bar, club, restaurant or event to be background music and entertain Incidentally and follow the guidelines and rules to be carried out by The New York State Authority and The New York State Department of Health.